First Post – Fathers Looking To Find Or Reconnect With Their Sons


    This blog post category is for fathers who lost or severed ties with their sons and would like to reunite or just get a message out.

Click on Post and give as much information as you feel comfortable with, a situation, a name, a nick name and a message that means only something to her and your relationship. Then Send your post to

After reviewing your post for suitability it will be posted under the category you requested and will available for comments and replies.

Best wishes,
Joe Verola

6 thoughts on “First Post – Fathers Looking To Find Or Reconnect With Their Sons

  1. Hi, my name is Nick. Around the early/mid 90’s I met a beautiful lady by the name of Sheila from Brooklyn N.y. We were very much attracted to each other and couldn’t control it. After a wonder evening together I later learned from her cousins that she was pregnant and was afraid to tell me. When I asked her about it she didn’t deny it but was upset that I found out. Sheila cut me off due to her boyfriend. All I knew was that she lived in Bushwick. If you have any information or suggestions please help. It’s been a long hard search. 17-20 years long.

    1. Don’t be pushy, but continue to let her know that you are always there for her and or the child. Unless she applies for government assistant, there isn’t much you can do to force her directly or through the courts for any visitation rights. However, if she should request Government support, they will ask her if she knows where the father is and how to get in touch with you, as they will want to be reimbursed. If they get in touch with you, your options will open. Again be persistent, but respectful and caring.

      1. Thank you for your comment; however you misunderstood. I’m not in a position to be pushy because there’s no communication since the day I asked her if she’s pregnant! And the child is beyond the years of the mother seeking public assistance, and I could only pray that he/she was always well taken care of. Which is one reason I should’ve been involved. The main reason is parental responsibility in a child’s fundamental development. It’s past due.

      2. Isn’t there anyway to keep in touch and just letting her know that you are there whenever? And then back off for a while.

        On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 5:51 PM, parentsearch

      3. I’m *not* in touch with her at all. This is the reason why I’m on this sire Seeking a lost child. Thank you for your comment. Be Bless!

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