Michelle, looking for father

My name is Michelle, My mothers name is Shirley. She got pregnant
with me in July 1977 she said she was working at the Main St Resaurant
at the corner of 8th and Main in Jacksonville at the time. I was born
April 1978.
I do appreciate your page encouraging and assisting others with
their difficult searches. I know I may never find the truth. But, some
will and that’s what matters. Thankyou for being you and being a kind
heart and helping hand to wandering souls.
If by chance you know of any way to find old employment records
or maybe where I could find property records or know of any
researchable avenues to find people that worked with my mom at the
restaurant please let me know. My mom can’t remember anything she did
before we moved to Valdosta, Ga. Thank you

michelle ntiko

Displaying 0323160839.jpgMy name is Michelle. My mother’s name is Shirley Howze but she’s had
many last names. She worked ( or says she worked) at the Main Street
Restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida in June and July of 1977. She says
my fathers name is Joe he was tall and Italian and beautiful. She says
she was in love with him. But that’s all she remembers, so she must
not have loved him as she claims. But, I do. I love a man I know
nothing about with my whole heart. I’ve been my imaginary daddy’s girl
my whole life. She won’t tell me and I know she knows. I am so afraid
i’ve already lost the chance to apologize to him for her ignorant
selfishness. In 2010 my 6 yr old son was diagnosed with cancer. I
begged on my knees for her to tell me I needed my dad. And she coldly
said all i need is her. I am 38 years old this April. And I am typing
this email crying I want my Dad and I know this is silly and will
probably never work. I know he would have or does love me too. She
just took our chance from us. And her reasons were not good, just like
my childhood was not good, she didn’t want him to know me so he
wouldn’t have the chance to protect me from her. She has 3 kids and
won’t tell any of us who our fathers are and yes they are all
different sires. My sister’s name is Misty Dawn. She is 5 years older
than me. Maybe my dad will remember Shirley and Misty. I don’t know.
All I know is my life has always been incomplete and I want my dad. I
work 7 days a week I pay my own bills the only thing I need from my
dad is my dad. I apologize this is so long and dreary. my heart hurts.

In the photo: The girl in the middle is me and that little boy in the
chair, Thats my boy Bo. We are proud of my biological dad, no matter
who or what he is. I hope he wants to find me too. I hope

michelle ntiko2.jpg

3 thoughts on “Michelle, looking for father

    1. That is such good news. I only wish I knew more about my dad. Your story is amazing I just hope we find each other before it’s to late

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