Karen Hansen, Ana Danez looking for father

Hi My name is Karen Hansen I am 30 years old.

Karen Hansen <karendanezhansen@gmail.com

I was born in Mabalacat Panpanga, Philippines on November 28, 1985
My mothers Maiden name is Ana Danez.
My father could have been in the military stationed on Clark Air Force Base. My mother is very vague on the details but I am trying this to see if it sparks any ones memory of her.
I am 30 years old with 2 beautiful children one of which has blue eyes I am half philippino so it was a shock to see. I want to see what part of me gave her those blue eyes and if my kids look like the other half of me.
My adoptive father Greg Hansen was an amazing dad who treated me like his own. He gave up his life 2 years ago. Leaving us behind. It devastated me.
I want to know who my father is and if he wanted to walk away or if he would have had a chance would he have stayed in my life. I just want to know.
This is what I look like today. Do I have your features? Alot of people say I look like my mother? Do you recognize her in me? Please find me.
karen Hanson ntiko

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