Tammi Doyle, Born 8/26/1974, looking for father

Hello, im looking for my real dad, Anthony “Tony” Colombo. The spelling of last name may be Columbo, or Kolumbo. Anthony worked at a HollyMart Liquor Store before and after I was Born in 1974. I belive the store was in Hawthorn California. He worked there for several years, and also knew that I was born, and even saw me a few times. My mothers name was Mary Fern Doyle, Maiden name was Underwood. My mom said they met while she was getting divorced from her 1st husband Charles “chuck” Doyle. I was born 8/26/1974 in Torrance California. I have never seen a picture of my real dad, and i do not remember ever seeing him because i was to little. PLEASE can anyone help me find my dad? or any info I have been trying for years now. Thank you…Tammi Doyle

You can email me at

Pics of me as a baby hoping someone will recognize metami-doyle1 tami2

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