Fathers Looking for Children They Do Not Know Of

This post category is for men who experienced “Ships Passing in The Night” – those rare, passionate, romantic, spontaneous, and serendipitous affairs are an example of those “ships passing in the night” moments, times that introduced a child into the world who may never get to know who his or her birth father was (or is). I believe that many of these children desperately need to unite with fathers that they need to know of; as well as men who want to share and support their children’s life’s joys as they grow and raise their own families, supporting them through life’s trials and tribulation.

I am one of those fathers looking for children I don’t know. To learn more about me, please click Joe Verola

If you have the courage and moral desire to do the right thing, click on Fathers Looking for Children They Don’t Of. Post your name, a few photos through the years and some general information you are comfortable posting and a few photos of yourself through the years.  Tell us a little about yourself, an incident, a time, a place, a photo of you alone or with someone, a memory to help a woman recall you and possibly open a dialogue and the chance of a child who would like to know you.

Post your search under any of the following categories that describes your situation.  All post are reviewed prior to posting for suitability.

Enter your post in Leave a Reply area at the bottom of each category.

Best wishes. After reviewing your post, it will be posted and available for comments and replies. Joe V

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