Fathers Looking to Find or Reconnect with Daughters

This post category is for fathers who lost or severed ties with their daughter and would like to reunite or just get a message out.

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155 thoughts on “Fathers Looking to Find or Reconnect with Daughters

  1. My name is Courtney Elbelau and I’m from the Republic of Palau, a small island in the South Pacific in Micronesia. I was born on Guam in 1991 and I have never met my biological father. i have been told his name is Richard Diver and his last residence was in San Bernardino, California(Redlands). He is also said to be from Native-American descent. I’m almost 25 now and even though I have a dad now, I can’t help but wonder….

    1. My name is Samantha Hagen Jones I live in Colorado looking for my father mother wont tell me anything other than his name was dean and I don’t think that is correct any thing helps thanks

  2. Looking for my bio dad. I was born in northern IL in late 1982. I think his name is Doug Myers. All my mom told me was he was married to another woman and in 1983, he saw me 1 time. As he left he said he never wanted to see me again. My mom’s name is Kathy. I’m hoping to find him. He would have been in his early 20s in 1982. Mom lived in Belvedere, IL.

  3. Looking for my biological dad, think his name is Parish, he may be of Cherokee Nation decent but I have not had a gene test done yet, I just seem to be starting to look like all the pictures of their tribe. I have freckles though and I’m a red head. I’m 6’1, pretty athletic but more so talented at music and singing. I would like to connect with him and see my roots, I’m 24 now and my mom’s name is Mary, from Alliance NE. Not looking for much. I would like to go horseback riding.

  4. My name is Josie Harrison daughter of Frankie Harrison.
    I was conceived in early 1992 in California.
    Fathers family suffered a house fire Nov. 5 1990 while my mother Frankie Jo Harrison lived with them. (animals but no people were lost in fire.)
    Father had at least one sister.
    Father was rumored to be tall with blonde curly hair.

  5. Looking for my Bio Dad. My name is Lori, I was born in Sept 1960 in Bisbee AZ. He was in the Army and stationed at Ft Huachuca. His name is Ron. Last name maybe Kimball. Last time we spoke I was 17 and he was living in Tampa area .

  6. I’m also looking for my father, I am a Nigerian, His name is Christopher people also called him Ahmed, he lived in Kano state Nigeria 29 years ago. Thanks for understanding

  7. my father death in feb 2016 i did exam in may 2016 of class 12 can you give me any job my 12 class result annouced in october 2016 and i have 1 old mother and 1 disable sister i live in pakistan and my province name is sindh after my father death plzzz help me i dont want beggar life and i dont want to live with my mother ,sister in orphan ngos shelter . after my father death my sibling can’t tolerate my studies if anyone give me and my disable sister save place to live and i can do for them all house work and servant of house and pay my university fees thank u soo much . actually after my father death my elder sibling take my father house so i feel am totally homeless now so where ever i see in internet help places title i just run and type help without any care its my country or not my country

  8. I’m looking for my bio father only known information is as follows
    Name :Robin Stewart or Stuart
    Mother possibly named Peggy
    Brother drowned
    Northern Ontario Canada

  9. Hi my name is Claire Midgley I am 35yrs old I am looking for my biological father who knew my mother in 1980 I don’t no his name as my mother won’t tell me as she thinks it will cause problems as he was a married man my mother is Muriel Midgley all she has said is that he still lives in the uk I don’t think it’s fair how she thinks it’s for the best that I don’t know I have a brilliant step dad who has brought me up from the age of 18months nothing will ever change the way I feel about him I just need to know where I came from I just wish there was somehow I could find him just to see if he wanted anything to do with me

  10. My name is Karen Komaniecki I’m looking for my father my older sister Denice said he’s name was Fred but that’s all I know and I think he used to b a firemen if u are this man please reply

  11. Hi my name is Carol Ann Benson I am looking for my biological dad all I know his name is Peter Mueller born in Kitchener Ontario

  12. Looking for my father, i have never known him, but would like to, below is all info i have:
    His name- frederick g. Nagel
    Married to virginia m. Carr on 9-18-55. In harrisburg, pa. Daughter christine born 12-29-57. i have been looking since Grandmama passed in 2006 and left me a Little info.

    1. Looking for my father Walter brinkley with a sister named Elizabeth from Pennsylvania. Stationed in Okinawa 1951.

  13. Hi im jeanmarie im 20years old looking for my biological father. I dont know how he looks like or anything about him. I was born in garden city hosp in jhb in 1996 i was told many stories which i know is not true cause the story never stays the same. I once was told apperently his name is rodney which i also dont know if its true. My mom tooked me away from him when i only were a baby.

  14. Looking for my daughter that I haven’t seem in 17, more years. Would like too try and contact her before I leave this. Name: Tia shea Renee Williams . Mother of Sheyrl Brookes, Williams now last name phillps. Sheyrl phillps.

  15. I’m looking for my daughter her mom and I had a relationship back in 1984 1985 il new haven ct I’m so Godly sorry I was not there for you .i know you are beautyful I talked to your mom a few years before she died whent to her apartment she told me about you double Dutch champ wanting to be a fight attendant I’m k she said you were short like your sisters and born like your sisters in May I have to talk to you and see you contact me rauhlskeiths@gmail.com God richly bless you my daughter can’t wait to hear from you love ❤️ Your Dad

  16. Hi I’m looking for my twin daughters they were born in Houston TX in the year1993-95 there Mather’s name is Christine she worked at Howard Johnson motor Lodge when I meet her I lived in Houston for twelve years and we had a good time at the book store she was working at on West Longview dr I meet her a year later she was living in a apartment across the street from the book store all I remember is I use to have a picture of the girls till it got worn out they were in blue dresses they had black hair and the prettiest smile I’ve been trying to find them and there mother for a well my name is Paul Bennett if you know of them please give this to them paul_bennett29@yahoo.com

  17. I was born in Okinawa Japan- my mother was stationed there 80-82 ( I was born in Dec 1981) chances are my father doesn’t know I exist. My mothers name was Pearl Ann Mizzell or Pearl Ann Perry ( American blonde with blue eye average height) my father was possible military as well and could have been married. Just wanting to get health info for my self and my children. georgiaspc@bellsouth.net

  18. Looking for my bio father, his name is David cole was known as curly lived in cunniborrow Milton Keynes 25-35 years ago had daughter called Yvonne with lady called carol \ Caroline in 1984

  19. Hi my name is Nathan Atkinson I’ve been trying to find my daughter her mum didn’t give me the chance to be a father to her and it breaks me I no her name is lacey lou and her mothers name is lisa she’s between 5-6 year old she last lived in Sheffield and left without saying I hope someone out their can help me thank you

  20. I am looking for my bio father, Graham Lesley Smith. He and my mother met in Canberra, Australia. He was a mixed martial artist and trained/worked at the YMCA gym. He also did underground fighting in clubs in the city. I am born in July 1991. Mothers name Anna.

  21. Hi, My Name is Katherine. I am looking for my biological father, I do not know of his name . My mother is Beverly Morse of Cannan N.H. I was born in December of 1964 I am 52 years old it may be to late, any info on anyone would be welcomed.Please contact me at klploof@aol.com.

  22. I am looking for my father. My name is Aisha Andujar but I also go by Taicha as my family members call me. I am 30 year old woman of Dominican decent born in Manhattan, New York to Raquel Gonzalez. My Father goes by Franklin from what I have been told all of my life and I don’t know his last name. I have been looking for a long time here and there without any success. I met his mother her name is Santa even she did not know of his wear abouts. I wish I knew more information but I don’t. Hopefully one day someone who knows something will respond to me.

  23. I am 33 years old I am my father I believe was names George I am looking to find him he knew my mother Sandra O’meara Aldeman They were in Chicago, IL

  24. I was born in Santa Monica, California on September 9th, 1960. My biological mothers Name was Marilyn Coffman/Coe. I think my Biological dads name is either David Wheeler or Robert Wheeler. I don’t know anything else about him.

  25. My name is Lisa Galindo and i am 49yrs old. I am looking for my father Reynaldo Galindo (not sure of the correct spelling of his first name). i have very little information on him. i know he was married to my mother on Jan.03.1948 when he was 18yrs of age in El Paso, Texas. to my mother Virginia L.

  26. I was born March 29, 1989 in Long Beach, CA. I have a lot of brothers and sisters. We all probably have different fathers. My mother Debbrah Tessenear told me my father’s name was russel constable. I was given constable as my last name. I was in foster care for years until I was adopted. My mother also said my sister, who is a few years older than me, also has the same father. She was not given his last name. One lead I’ve been given, is my father might have owned an Irish bar in Long Beach . I would love any help! Email jessica.reiche@yahoo.com thanks

  27. My name is Jean Marie I’m 20 years old. Brown hair blue eyes. Born in 1996 in Johannesburg at garden city hospital. I’m looking for my bio father. Not sure if he knows my existence at all. Not sure what his name is at all my mother s name is Teresa and her surname at that time was taljaard

  28. Good Morning, My Name Is Rachidi Zainab.Iam In Serious Search Of My Father Named Rachidi Abdulrazaq. My Mother Named Mrs Ibekwe Chinyere Told Me That The Man Iam Presently Living With Is Not My Father When I Was Planning To Marry.I Was Downhearted And Tried To Search For My Father So That Bride Price Can Be Paid.For More Than 30years I Have Nevered Known Or Seen My Father.My Mother Told Me That My Father Worked In Savanna Bank,lived In Emir Road Kano,hailed From Kwara State,huge And Tall.Plz Help Me To Locate Him.

  29. i am looking for my daughter that I didn’t even know i had until recently I found out about it. In 1982 her mother was pregnant with my child ( her name I found out through Butte County Birth Records in Chico California is Lisa Marie Carol Ames or Juris( the adopted name ; maybe her mother put her up for adoption through Local Mormen Church in Chico, Ca. ). Make the story short her mother never told me that she is pregnant with my child( her ), and a month later her mother by the name of Louise Ann Ames got married to this African American guy by the name of Anthony Seagraves, again without telling him that she is pregnant with my child. After the baby was born in 1983, her then husband; Anthony Seagraves becomes doubtful about the child who was all white and i guess ran a DNA test, and finds out that my child is not his as Louise Ann Ames was pretending it to be initially. Of course this event did not occur immediately, but through the course of at least a year, and by then he already had another daughter with the mother of my child by the name of Katrina Seagraves. There are lot more details that i can elaborate more on, which I would leave for later on when I finally get to see my i can tell it all in person to her, and how her mother denied both of us from having and being with each other throughout all these years. I found her mother on facebook sent her a message asking her to provide me with my daughter’s information including her address, phone numbers, even her pictures, but to No Avail. This woman truly betrayed both me and my daughter lisa marie and denied me of having my child for all these 33 years. What would you do if you were me. May God utterly punish people like that in this world and hereafter, and I leave everything up to Him. Oh by the way i sent a message to Anthony Seagraves as well but so far to No Avail ! Could anybody help me on this trying to locate my daughter. These are the 2 different last names I have on her as follow; 1.) Lisa Marie Carol Ames( her mother maiden name; Louise Ann Ames ) OR
    2.) Lisa Marie Carol Juris ( possible last name of the family who adopted her )
    My email address: hxt2001@yahoo.com

  30. My name is Kieralee and I’m looking for dad he came to Australia with the us navy around April 1989 his name is Timorthy brooks he is African American I really want to find him my mother is no help so I’m looking for my father on my own with little information all I no about my father is he lives in California he has 2 brothers and his name
    Need to find him

    1. My mothers name is Sandra derschow my mum had me in
      January ,13,1990 my mum met my dad around April 1989 when the US navy came to Perth or Fremantle for 10 days or so
      I look on line and found that a ship called the USS construction CV-64 came to Fremantle in April 2,1989

  31. Just recently learned my dad is not my biological father. My dad was stationed at Pope AFB, NC when my mother had an affair with another service man stationed there as well. My mother, who is Filipino, possibly met my biological father while she was a waitress working at the Enlisted or Officer’s Club? All that I know of my biological father is that he knew my mother was pregnant with me and wanted her to leave her husband. I heard he confronted my dad about me being his child. My mother chose to stay married and my dad received PCS orders back to Clark AFB (Philippines) shortly after my birth. I haven’t had the heart to ask my mom or dad what my biological father’s name was..

  32. Hello, first want to say pray every on here finds who there looking for cause I know the pain you all suffer! But I am looking for my dad, I don’t know much but some my mother has a brain injury and claims she has forgotten whom my father is but she has never told anyone in my family either so I don’t even believe he was told about me at all! I was born in Orange County, Florida and moved as soon as I was born to NY with my mom, I know my mother Donna is her name worked and lived in Florida for a few years before having me she had me at 19 years old, she worked at a place called the fox whole, told my father was older then her but all I really know.

  33. How do I find my Dad?
    Please help I am 55 yrs never have seen my Father.
    My Family abused me when I would ask.
    I have all kinds of health problems I need to meet or put closure on this.
    Thanks,God Bless You.
    Bishop Dr.Reverend Jamie Marie Dobbs Vizarreta

  34. I am looking for a black male who was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1988 or 1989.

    I moved to Colorado in 1989. Before I moved, I ran into someone who told me I had a son. I gave her my phone number and told her I was moving to Colorado but never heard from her again.

    This has bothered me ever since. I do not know his name but would like to have peace about this one way or the other.

  35. My name is ijeoma and i’m 46 years old. I’m looking for my biological father. Mario was his first name, no idea of his last name. He is italian and i’m zambian. He lived in zambia between 1967 and 1975. I was born in 1971 . If he’s still alive then he should be between 70 and 80yrs old.

  36. Hi my name is Octivioues and i’am 37yrs old ‘am looking for my biological father’ Known as bill or billy Walter by name ‘ am not too sure of the last name ‘ from Louisiana
    My mum met my dad in Warri Nigeria why he was working with j Ray McDermott
    With DB 11 and DB 45
    My mother was 3month pregnant when he left warri Nigeria ‘ my Mum name is Blessing
    I’am not sure of his age but he should be in his late 60s or 70s now ‘ I will love to meet you and you to meet your grand kids
    Love your daughter x

  37. I am looking for my father. He met my mother Rhina Iris Hasbun in California sometime in 1983. I was born in 1984 in Los Angeles. My mother has passed away and I am not able to find out any information on my Bio dad. My mother was Hispanic. Please email me to Lisa.asbridge@gmail.com if you have any info.

  38. Was in the army around 1953 stationed in Fort Campbell Kentucky. Not sure about age maybe ran 87 to 88. says:

    Looking for father James Giles or Jim Last known place he lived less Florida. May have been a lifeguard Was in the army around 1953 stationed in Fort Campbell Kentucky. Not sure about age maybe ran 87 to 88.

  39. Hi my mother (60) is looking for her father.

    We do not know alot about him unfortunately only that he briefly lived in the flats of de Paris avenue, Bedford around 58, 59 years ago and may have been an American air test pilot? Wasn’t a very long relationship, My mum’s mum Sandra (Sandy) possibly surname Foster? Unfortunately was hit by a car and killed when my mother (Miranda) was 10 or so years old so we do not know alot of info at all. She would love to know if you are still alive and get in touch as she’s always wanted to find you. Just hoping one of your family members or someone gets in touch.

    May possibly have sven? Stevens? Stefan in the name or similar.

  40. I am looking for my bio-father. I’m not sure if he even knows my mother was pregnant. Her name is Shirlna Gaskins. I was conceived in the Eastern Shore. All I know about my father is his family were migrant workers, they met at a class my mom was teaching, and his first name is Andy. Not much to go on but I’m hoping for a miracle!

  41. I’m looking for my biological father I’m 30 years old. Was born in St.LouisMo. I was told by my biological mother his name is Phillip Tolie don’t know if I spelled it correctly. I would just like to see a picture of you or meet you. It’s bothered me all my life and I don’t want to leave this world never knowing what you even look like. I’m not asking for anything else. I just want to fill a void. My mother’s name was Shari Hamm. Please help!!

  42. I am looking for Amber danielle coleman born everret Washington. Father jerry coleman
    Mother is debra anne findlay coleman. Woodbrige illinois. Please contact me at 615 631 8013.or facebook I live in dickson Tennessee. Thank you.

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