Looking for My Dad Who Knows I Exist

 This post category is for any child, young or old who lost or severed ties with their father or visa versa and would like to reunite or just get a message out.

Click on Post and give as much information as you feel comfortable with, a situation, a name, a nick name and a message that means only something to him and your relationship.

Post your search under any of the following categories that describes your situation.  All post are reviewed prior to posting for suitability.

Enter your post in Leave a Reply area at the bottom of each category.

Best wishes. After reviewing your post for suitability it will be posted under the category you requested and will available for comments and replies.

One thought on “Looking for My Dad Who Knows I Exist

  1. Iam looking for my father. My name is Jane Rutsito. I was born in Harare Zimbabwe in 1981. I was told my father named me Caroline and his name is Isiah Campos, he is Italian. He worked in Harare, Zimbabwe for a while. I do not know where he is but if he is out there I really want to meet him.

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