Looking for My Father Who Doesn’t Know I Exist

  This post category is for children of all ages who know that their fathers don’t know they exist.

Post your story, your photo and tell all you know about when you were conceived, date, city and other details of what you may know of the man you is your paternal father.

Post your search under any of the following categories that describes your situation.  All post are reviewed prior to posting for suitability.

Enter your post in Leave a Reply area at the bottom of each category.

Best wishes. After reviewing your post for suitability it will be posted under the category you requested and will available for comments and replies.

One thought on “Looking for My Father Who Doesn’t Know I Exist

  1. My mother’s name is Siphiwe Mthimkhulu, She has never known her father or her father’s family. My grandmother siad the father was a Zimbabwean or Mozambiquan.My grandmother had travelled as a Sangoma to these countries, Ma was born in 1962. Grannies name was Agnes Mthimkhulu.This is a long shot. But I pray someone who knows this man sees it, as per my grandmother the surname was Chauke.

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