Karen Agnes Constant, white, age 61 searching for my paternal father named Donald Paul

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2 thoughts on “Karen Agnes Constant, white, age 61 searching for my paternal father named Donald Paul

  1. My name is Karen Agnes Constant, white, age 61, born/raised North Bay, ON Canada. I am searching for my paternal father named Donald
    Paul. He knew my mother, Laurie Cayen, in the summer
    of 1952 in Temiscaming, Quebec. Mr. Paul worked as an
    accountant or bookkeeper at a local auto body shop called
    Lyn’s Auto Body (not sure of the spelling of Lyn).
    I am told one of the owners, Tommy Lyn, is still alive but I
    don’t know where he is living. Mr. Paul was from
    the Tri-Town area (Cobalt, Haileybury, New Liskeard
    Ontario). His mother died when he was a teenager and
    he moved to Temiscaming to live with his uncle (name
    unknown) who owned a used car lot. Mr. Paul often
    drove a Jaguar, owned by his uncle. He was an avid
    bridge player and golfer. My mother believes he moved
    to the Hamilton Ontario area in the late 1950’s, married and had 3 sons (names unknown). He was a good friend of a man named Roy
    Grette from Montreal, but he died a few years ago and his
    children do not know Mr. Paul. My mother chose to
    marry another man when she became pregnant with me; however
    when I was 2, Mr. Paul gave her a ride from Temiscaming to
    North Bay, Ontario (where I was born and raised) and she
    told him that he was my natural father. I wasn’t
    told this until my 60th birthday last year. I hired
    Omni-Trace to try and locate Mr. Paul last year but they
    were not successful.

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